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Heritage is a cultural asset for everyone, a unique one that we must take care of and preserve. But especially the religious heritage is not always easily accessible. There are churches that do not have worship, the guided visits are generally insufficient and, many times, our desire to see and learn often runs into the reality of a closed door.

But fortunately, we are in the 21st century and we have powerful and promising tools that can offer us a “digital” opening although they cannot yet open the doors of the temples “analogically”. This way we would lose the experience of perceiving with our senses the magic of a capital or the beauty of an altarpiece, but we would gain a lot. Through the application of new technologies, we are able to compensate for this loss with information and educational resources that will allow us to learn about heritage in a new way.

Ondare Irekia / Patrimonio abierto is a project made by Asociación Cultural Hagaburu that was born in 2017 thanks to the enthusiastic and determined impulse of the Fundación Vital Fundazioa. Our goal has always been to investigate and disseminate heritage and this project represents one of our greatest challenges. We are currently in an incipient phase that, in the future, will grow and add new resources and possibilities.

The mechanism is simple. On the outside of the building we will place a QR code that refers to a complete file. In it, we will find old and present-day photographs, videos… accompanied by an explanation designed for all audiences.

Thanks to the success of the initiative, we have been adding support and, in 2020, the UDAPA cooperative provided the necessary resources to launch this website and give new impetus to the project. In addition, this year we have incorporated the experience and knowledge of the Visual Anthropology Area of the University of Buenos Aires, with which we collaborate in the development of immersive experiences linked to cultural heritage.


  • Isabel Mellén 
  • Marina Gutiérrez De Angelis 
  • Gorka López de Munain 
  • Greta Winckler
  • Paula Bruno Garcén

Ondare Irekia /Patrimonio Abierto is a project made by Asociación Cultural Hagaburu in collaboration with the Fundación Vital Fundazioa. With this initiative we seek to offer a digital opening to the heritage of Alava and facilitate its dissemination and knowledge.

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